Small Bathroom Layouts

Toto Small Bathroom Layouts

TOTO, the well known company that manufactures the bathroom products, has issued their maxi collection which is called Sprino. It will indeed help you to a tiny but lovely bathroom competed with all the things for your maximum bathing and other bathroom activities experience. The main idea of this TOTO collection is to make it possible for the floor to accommodate water that is flowing and also to extend your small bathroom layouts. Since there is rarely washing basin and the likes inside the bathroom so the bathroom itself can have really limited space. This TOTO collection will also show you the possibility of small bathroom to be changed drastically by using the furniture that fit perfectly to the size of the bathroom.

Small Bathroom Layouts from Toto Sprino
Small Batroom Layouts Design

Actually, to make your small bathroom to be visually bigger, can be started from using the brighter colors instead of the darker one, because the dark colors will make your bathroom look cluttered. And then adding a big mirror can definitely create the spacious feeling inside your bathroom, since mirror can reflect the picture in the opposite part of the bathroom. Next is the position of the shower, put it far away from the door and little bit higher on the wall. The big windows also will absolutely make a tiny bathroom becomes visually larger, since we can feel the environment bigger due to the presence of window (do not forget to put curtain for covering the window).

For the storing system, you can use shelving that can be applied on the upper part of your bathroom wall. In order to accommodate your bathing tools, it is better to use the shelving that can accommodate more things rather than the small one. Never forget to harmonize the color of the shelving with the overall colors and pattern of your bathroom so there will not be a negative colors’ contrast.

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