Small Kitchen Design Tips

If you have small kitchen design, the main task is to bring everything you need and organizing the space so that you can work more comfortably. Can you solve these problems without having to rebuild the premises?

If the door opens into the kitchen, banging furniture, and takes a lot of living space, here are some tips to find a solution to this problem:

• Move the door so that it opens outwards. This will give you more space in the kitchen.

• Adjust the sliding door, which saves more space.

• You can use a folding screen door that does not take up space and can be installed within each door.

• Completely remove the door and walk out of the kitchen, which visually increase the size of a small kitchen design.

Modern food processors, coffee grinders and blenders greatly simplify the process of cooking, but in a small area are not easy to put everything you need. Therefore, it is advisable to do the following:

• Store any devices on the shelves to save valuable space.

• Move all devices that are not directly connected with the kitchen beyond.

• Equipment in cabinets (stove, microwave oven).

Even if the space for large units and it may not be enough for pots, cutlery, cans, boxes and bottles of products, but in this case there is a solution:

• Installation of wall cabinets to the ceiling and rarely used items at the top.

• Make every effort to use different tools, saving space on the floor and the walls, based on the available kitchen.

If your kitchen is small space for cooking, you can get the situation as follows:

• Full kitchen table sliding table.

• Replace the stationary cart rolled kitchen table with laminate top, which can be used as an additional work surface.

• Set a small sink and shower.

Layout of the small kitchen design must be practical, such that all household appliances, furniture and dishes are easy to use.

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