Some Clever Game Room Ideas

Men often complain that after they are married they no longer get the ‘guy time’ they so crave – going out with the guys causes the wife to complain and not doing so makes the husband cranky. The solution to this problem is to rustle up some game room ideas. This will allow you to enjoy some time with the guys while ‘technically’ being at home. Clever, isn’t it? If you are thinking that this would be a great idea, then check out some of the tips that will create the perfect retreat for you.

The Ideal Location

You could incorporate a pool table in your living room decorating ideas and call it a day or work towards the proper game room of your dreams. A good place for the game room is the basement or, if you are really serious about creating your own space, an extension to your home. Either way, there needs to be some feeling of detachment from the rest of the house. That way you can step away from the familial concerns for a while and your family will not be disturbed by your rowdy behaviors and impromptu, friendly fights!  The trouble with a living-room-cum-game-room is that neither you nor your family will be able to relax while you are with your friends.

The Right Equipments

Game rooms are incomplete without a pool table or a foosball table – whichever tickles your fancy. You could include a big screen TV too if space and budget permit. This way, you will never have to give up the important games for the soapy serials. You could also plug in your gaming console for the ultimate virtual gaming experience. Do make sure you get a cable organizer for all the cables that will undoubtedly litter the room. You could also invest in a charger for your controllers so that you can go wire-free when gaming. A surge protector is another important piece of equipment to have in the game room to ensure that all your expensive hardware is protected.

The Room Décor

Guys obviously do not care about the material of the curtains, or whether the couch pillows match the wall color. However, you need to maintain some kind of symmetry in your room décor ideas so that the game room does not resemble a dorm room. Also, as much as you would love the game room to look like a bachelor pad, try to keep it kid friendly. While game rooms are great places to spend time with friends, it can also be a great place to bond with your children. Just see what a few games with your growing kid does to your relationship.

The game room will be a great addition to the house as it will give you a place to relax and unwind at the end of a tiresome day.

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