Staircase Bunk Beds Types and Models

Staircase Bunk Beds With Mirror Glass

Bunk bend is a very appropriate option for small bedroom since it is very space saving. This kind of bend is actually available for both adults and kids, but this is more popular for kids since the size can accommodate their height. There are two interesting things that are offered by bunk beds. The first is the space saving feature of the bed that offer two beds from a piece of furniture and the second is the unique look that is completed with a ladder or staircase. If the one with ladder has been commonly use, the one with staircase can also be used to give a different sensation of climbing the bed. Staircase bunk beds are not only functional to allow your kids get to the upper bed, but also a good design that can be used to enhance the look of the room.

Bunk beds with staircase can be more beneficial than the one with ladder since they are safer. Just like a real staircase it is usually completed with a handrail so that your kids can easily climb up and down the bed. It can be easier for kids to climb since it just like they climb a staircase that is specially created for their height and weight. Staircase bunk beds are usually used not only as staircase, but the ladder and riser creates a drawer inside. So, it will provide extra storage in your kids’ room. It is more interesting since your kids can keep their belongings inside the staircase. this kind of bunk beds are far more appropriate for kids than adults since the staircase will needs to be designed densely to be able to accommodate the weight and height of adults.

You can find the unique and attractive staircase bunk beds at Rooms To Go. There is a wide selection of bunk beds with staircase in different designs and colors.

Gallery of Staircase Bunk Beds Types and Models

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