Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Adding storage in small spaces is needed, but choosing the right storage is challenging. You have to consider the availability of space in the room before adding storage. You have to make sure that the storage really decrease clutter in the room, don’t make more clutter because of the size or shape. There are some storage ideas for small spaces that will be very useful for you in order to come up with the right storage piece that can both save the space and De-clutter your room.

Different room in your home will need different type of storage. So, storage ideas for small spaces depend on the room where you want to add the storage. Starting for the bathroom, you can add more hooks to add more storage. hooks can be installed inside the bathroom door to towels, affix hooks to the shower rod can be sued to hold bags for placing washcloths, shampoos and brush and install the hooks under a medicine cabinet can keep your toothbrushes. Beside hooks, you can also hang wicker basket to the walls to hold tissues, soap, and other daily used pieces. If you want to add shelves, you can place them at the dead space such as the corner, behind the door or over the toilet. From your bathroom, you can move to your bedroom.

You can choose multifunction headboard that can be used to store your books, lamps, bedding and blanket. Add plastic bins under your bed can hold unnecessary items. Installing rack to the wall can hold your hats, coats and jewelry. Your kitchen also needs more efficient storage. You can add open shelves to hold spices and dishes, adding lift out trays to your cabinet to hold items you use daily and add an attractive basket in your counter to hold kitchen towels. So, just be smart and creative to find the right storage ideas for small spaces that will really work in certain rooms.

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