Teal, the Color of 2014

As they do every year, the people of Color Futures have the color for you next year. Will they make up a clever name for it though? Among designers it is known as Blue Teal. The Color Futures Teal meaning in English (pronunciation:  till), would translate as Marbled Teal.  The Spanish variation would be a species of duck or waterfowl greenish blue head. On the website of Alba looking between at our color charts we can find as particularly Laguna. Your code is 90GG19/151. The Teal color is a bluish green hue and is said to “seamlessly blend the natural harmony of green with the tranquility of the blue”. Much darker than turquoise with a stylish look and a gentle nature.

With what other colors or special Teal combines Laguna

Let’s say it is a very versatile color and looks good in different color combinations:

  • For example it may be accompanied by its opposite on the color wheel, coral, and adding delicate, yellow ocher and pink tones.
  • In a tonal scheme would look good combined with other lighter blue and green tones.
  • If you want to give the decor a fresh and profound aspect it would need to accompany navy, indigo or denim blue.
  • Moreover combining the color teal green  and mint or emerald gives a cool, soft natural effect.
  • But surely the easiest combination is with neutral tones and natural woods.

Very soon you will see that paint brands like Alba, Inca, Dulux, or Bruguer will have Coral or Teal as you look for the new color of the year.

Gallery of Teal, the Color of 2014

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