Ten Appliances for Your Kitchen Trend

Technological advances have made more sophisticated tools available to serve food lovers and chefs. The developments and trends in gourmet kitchen appliances fascinate both the good and the fan design and decor. If you’re thinking of giving a twist to your cutting edge kitchen in 2014, we will show you the most innovative proposals in appliances, which are all the rage in modern kitchens.

1. Transparent Door Refrigerator

Now you can see what’s inside the refrigerator without opening the door. Brands such as Traulsen, Sub-Zero and Wolf have launched refrigerators with transparent doors in white, black or metallic. There are models with one or two doors, with sizes suitable for all types of cuisine.

2. Built-in microwave

The typical “box” of the microwave is being replaced by the tendency for built-in appliances. The microwave inserted in the wall has a door that opens like a drawer, allowing better use of space and lots of practicality. The power of these multi-function ovens allow for greater efficiency than conventional microwaves. The new designs feature clean lines and modern, those are integrated subtly into the kitchen.

3. Miniature pizza oven

If you have enough space in your kitchen, nothing beats a professional pizza over to prepare pizzas baked like an artisan. This miniature oven Kalamazoo Gourmet is as discreet as powerful: can bake a pizza in just a minute and a half. It ended the era of ordering pizza over the phone!

4. Gourmet Coffee

A good coffee is essential for those who enjoy having friends over and having endless talks. Many companies are geared to make nicer coffee even those talks by professionals, able to prepare all possible types of coffees (espresso, cappuccino, cut, chocolate ) as served in a cafeteria. The advanced DeLonghi PrimaDonna has a memory which stores the temperature data and exact amount of ingredients to make favorite coffee each family member. All in a matter of seconds.

5. Cava high-tech

Every good gourmet is proud of its collection of fine wines. What better way to keep that in a high-tech digs? In addition to bringing style and sophistication to the kitchen, these caves have controllable temperature zones to keep each type of beverage in your climate necessary.

6. Indoor BBQ

No need to wait for warm days to enjoy a grilled meal. There are numerous options for interior small barbecues, designed in elegant and compact forms and some with bright colors. Being portable, these mini-grills can be used in any corner of the kitchen.

7. Hidden Oven

Another new stake in the trend of built-in appliances, this oven will not glare into the wall, but it “hides” vertically within the allowance. With the push of a button, the oven is raised for introducing or removing food. Ideal for kitchens with limited space and for those who love the minimalist lines.

8. Extractor design

The extractors have become stars of the kitchen decor through ultra modern and attractive designs. Although more and more functions have reinforced existing extractors as purely functional,  attention has been given to the  aesthetics of the kitchen, as this elegant decorative tube Silverline.

9. Washer colorful

The design boom has even stretched to the washing machine.  They are now being made  more colorful and have become a more decorative object in the kitchen. There are models that go beyond minimalist elegance, while others are flushed to a retro aesthetic, to informal cuisines with no fear of color.

10. Dishwasher ecological

Caring for the environment is a major concern of the advances in technology, and this is shown in the amount of ecological dishwasher models that sare released every month. Besides captivating by design, new dishwasher make more efficient use of water and detergent, reusing resources but always providing excellent results. For its small size, this mobile dishwasher (model drop CWB) is ideal for families and small kitchens, and recycles waste water for the next wash.

Gallery of Ten Appliances for Your Kitchen Trend

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