The Benefits of an Open Kitchen Plan

There was a time when the kitchen was isolated from the rest of the house. Cordoned off from the rest of the house, the kitchen had become the most isolated part of the house. Then some revolution came and open floor plans were born. It allowed the family to gather around the kitchen and interact, making it the heart of the household. Since then, kitchen layouts have retained the open style. But what if you have recently acquired a home with a closed kitchen? Should you tear down the walls or keep it as it is? Many factors need to be considered to answer that question but the final decision lies with you and your requirements.

The Cost Factor

The kitchen is typically the most expensive room in the house, due to the expensive appliances that are in it. If you have found a closed kitchen, more likely than not, the building is an old one. That means, there would already be a lot of renovation that would be in the cards. Buying new appliances might be one of the major expenses that you have to bear. Converting a closed kitchen into an open one would definitely cost more so take that into account when you are calculating renovation costs. It could come down to the dilemma of either having a well-equipped, updated kitchen versus an open kitchen plan!


Yes, an open kitchen will have your mess out in the open. If you are obsessive about cleanliness, an open kitchen may not be the best choice for you. Since most people have open kitchen plans these days, not many people care about the mess factor. The sinks are usually kept at a strategic area so that messy dishes are not entirely visible. If you are still worried about the mess factor, design the kitchen floor plan in a way that the cook top is not in the direct line of view from the seating area. And since you know that people can see your mess, it will urge you to keep the area even cleaner!

More Light More Sound

The great thing about the open plan is that light seems to flow better, making the area look much brighter and more cheerful. The open plan also allows sound to travel a lot too. While that could be a nuisance when the kids are screaming bloody murder, it could be a boon when entertaining guests. You are not cooped up in a hot kitchen while your guests are stuck entertaining themselves. Having an open-styled kitchen, you can cook, keep an eye on the kids and chat with your guests all at the same time.

An open plan kitchen is not only more modern, it is much better suited for modern life as well. However when it comes to converting a closed kitchen to an open one, budgetary constraints come into the picture as well.

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