The Joy of Cooking Outdoors

The center of the household haa always been the kitchen where people would gather around, dine, and feel at home. Now in the age of microwave dinners, culinary skills are, for some, grossly neglected. If you love cooking and inviting people over for great meals, then this summer it is time to invest in a quality outdoor kitchen. The joy of cooking is enhanced in the outdoor setup, especially when you have friends over. If you have always liked barbecuing in your own backyard, the time to go for it is now. However there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

  • Weather-proof Setup – When you are installing cooking equipment in your backyard, you need to keep in mind that it will be a permanent establishment. That is why it is necessary to keep the setup as weather-proof as possible. It is good idea to use stone counter-tops and weather-proof furniture.  Shade is also a good idea if you do not like soggy steaks for dinner.
  • Barbecue or Pizza – While barbecue has always been the list topper when it comes to garden party ideas, what do you think of a pizza oven in the backyard? True, it might be costlier to install, but who can resist the taste of wood fire pizza? Once you successfully create your first perfect pizza, you would definitely turn your nose up at the takeout or frozen pizzas. There is nothing like the real thing!
  • Dining Space Options – Dining out in the open does not necessarily mean a picnic-like affair. You can set the mood the way you want. Whether you are looking for an elegant dining area or a simple affair, you have the control over the ambiance. If you have a solid porch, you can install sturdy tables and chairs without much hassle. And if you want an open air dining, you do not need expensive pergolas. Just four poles and pretty bed sheets or drapes make a lovely DIY sunshade.
  • Healthier Cooking – Cooking outdoors is any day healthier than indoor cooking, especially when there are guests. Even if you have a vent indoors, you will often find that the fumes created through certain foods prove too much.  The room becomes hot and smoky. This puts a toll on your guests as well as the cooling system in your house! Outdoor cooking dispels fumes quickly, keeping the guests fume-free and keeping you breezy.

Having the extra cooking space is always a boon. Not only it allows you to step outdoors on those particularly hot days, it also adds value to the house. It is a unique feature that will fetch a higher value on the property if you ever want to sell.

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