The Key To Expanding The Bedroom Decor

You can strategically use interior design to make your bedroom appear larger. In this way, we will expand the room visually. In decorating, one of the problems that we usually find is usually the problem space. More and more homes are small and this greatly reduces the size of the bedroom. So we have a big problem: distribute furniture bedroom without burdening stay. So, here are a few tricks and key to expanding the bedroom decor, make the most of the space and make it seem larger visually.

Trick or visual key to enlarge the bedroom decor: 

Color of walls and ceilings

When decorating a bedroom, the color choice is very important because it can help provide a more or less open feeling to a room. If you have a large space it is common to use a bright color. Try to never enter a dark or too warm. But if we want to color this, it is best to choose a color to paint the walls in a light color and the rest. In the case of using a dark color, the color will help give depth to a room.

Cabinet Type

Ideally, closet built as this way we obtain the extra space in the bedroom. If not possible, you can choose to paint the closet doors and light colors to streamline the visual space. Another option to avoid excess enjoyed staying with cabinets is acid placing a mirror or glass in the door.

The key to expanding the external lamp bedroom

External light entering the room is one of the key elements to help provide spaciousness to the bedroom. It is important to know how to play with the light coming through the window.

Color Furniture

When choosing the color of furniture, can be any color you want. You should choose white to give a sense of spaciousness, but with other colors also achieve good decoration. When choosing the color of the furniture, the important thing is to play with the other elements.

Use mirrors

Mirrors in addition to being decorative elements are widely used to decorate, they also have more features. One of them is to be reflected, but for decoration, help provide a sense of more space and depth to a room. It is important not to overload the room with too much makeup, look for balance.

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