Things You Should Know for Building a Staircase

Building a Staircase With Wall Carving

Building staircase is not a simple job that you can finish within a day, but it is a very complex job that needs to be learned. Moreover, if you are not experienced in building a staircase, then it will be very difficult for you to follow and understand each step included in an instruction. This is because building staircases will use not only your energy, but also your mind. You have to calculate the rise and run of the stairs exactly in order to guarantee the safety of your staircase. So, you have to consider all things well before starting this project.

Since there will be a lot of measurement you have to take when building a staircase, then having a guide is needed. The guide will keep you on track so that you can decrease making mistakes during the process. The guide for measuring a staircase is codes from local building. There are some codes for exactly measuring the handrails, tread, riser, width, headroom, bull nose and angle. Each part has different code with minimum measurement that is appropriate for making a staircase. So, whenever you are not sure with your measurement, you can check the building codes.

This project is very challenging since you will be encouraged to use the mathematic course you have ever learned when you are in school for determining the overall rise and run. So, just like a mathematic course, you also need to use formula to determine the rise and run of a staircase. You can easily get the formula from the internet where usually the instruction is also included. After measuring the overall rise and run, you can instantly get a picture in your mind about how the staircase should be assembled. So, before deciding to build your own staircase, it will be better if you firstly learn how to build it to get enough knowledge for building a staircase.

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