Three Cute Ideas to Work with Wallpaper and Paint Residues

When you’re done with wallpapering or painting, you often have leftover materials. It would be a shame for that leftover material to  just be thrown in the trash, because with wallpaper and paint residues you can do a lot of fun and creative things. One thing you can do is to make a wooden tray with perk, make cheerful flower pots or your table perks with beautiful place mats.

A wooden tray perk

With wallpaper and paint residues can make a wooden tray quickly and easily perk? Besides leftover paint and wallpaper you have wood glue, sandpaper, white spirit, scissors, a small paint brush and varnish (Vern thane, Vendor or Bona Traffic varnish) is required.

How do you do the work?

Sand the wooden tray with sandpaper and clean the surface with pure white spirit

Cut a rectangle from leftover wallpaper and glue it with wood glue on the tray

Use leftover paint to paint. The edges of the tray do this with the help of a small paint brush

Let the wooden tray drying and fix the yellow then with varnish.

Cheerful flower pots

Now that spring is coming, May flowers in the house are obviously not lacking. With some paint and wallpaper remnants you can create in no time cheerful flower pots for a colorful interior. What do you need? Paint and wallpaper remnants, canned cans, white spirit, a brush, a cutter and glue

How do you the work?

Remove the paper from the can and the can degrease with white spirit

Cut the rest of the  wallpaper to size with a utility knife

Lubricate the wallpaper with glue, apply it to the tin and press down firmly

Allow everything to dry and you have a cheerful flower pot!

As placemat use wallpaper

With wallpaper remnants can finally create original placemats to decorate your table. All you need is nice leftover wallpaper, plastic film, a strong pair of scissors and a ruler.

How do you the work?

Cut a shape of your choice from the wallpaper

Cover one side of the wall with plastic wrap and smooth it with a ruler. Cut off the excess plastic.

Repeat this step for the other side and you have a beautiful placemat!


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