Tornado-Proof House Design Ideas: Prevent your House from the Damage

Tornado Proof House Building Design Concept

The development of house design is very flexible. There is always a new design of homes in order to fulfill people’s needs as well as providing eye-pleasing decoration. The natural disasters like Tornado is also one of the reasons that home designs always come in a new concept that will give both architectural and beneficial. Tornado-proof house design concept is a great house designed for people who live in the areas where this disaster often occurs. The incredible house concept designed by 10 Design Studio, which is featured with an easy-to-bury itself underground house when Tornado comes. This house designed with hydraulic lever to make it easily move up and down in order to secure itself and the residents from the disaster.

The high technology containing in the Tornado-proof house design not only offer protective living space from any damage, but also from the wind and water as well. This is because the house featured with a watertight seal. The shape of the house is alike a capsule with one leg, which can be used to hide the house underground when the disaster happens. However, even if this house looks so strong and safe, you still need some things to be considered when building this kind of house. To build a prefect Tornado-proof, you should create a construction where you need to strengthen concrete roof, strong internal maintenance system, thick walls, and all of the structures should be under the experts’ advice.

Tornado-proof house design can be built in many ways, not always building a new house, but it can be by creating a safe room in your home that not really resistant with tornado. Since this house designed more focused on the safety of the homeowners, every piece in the house should be strong and to reach this kind of house, an expert is the best helper.

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