Traditional Japanese House Design

A traditional Japanese house has evolved over the years into a combination of traditional forms with modern technology and design.  More recently the traditional methods of building homes have become popular again because they are easier on the environment and more sustainable. A beautiful two-story Japanese wooden house in Wakura, Japan, was designed by Seiichi Kubo, Yoshinobu Kagiyama and another Muratsuji by the Japanese architecture firm archivi Architects & Associates. Since it is the wooden house combined with glass walls is allows natural light into the upper living area, kitchen and dining area. There is a wood-clad house, mainly made from locally grown Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress, while the interior surfaces such as ceilings were made of plywood. Other Japanese wooden houses include a courtyard, multi-level decks, and a loft.  Japanese house furniture is simple and natural. The creative ideas for wooden furniture’s can make an unlimited number of designs for people to live in comfort.

The Sugi or Japanese cedar tree is not actually related to the Cedars, but is known for its light wood that is widely used in traditional Japanese house construction. The Japanese cypress, on the other hand is a type of cypress that grows to 35 m. So, everything is made of natural wood! You can see how this brings comfort and a natural atmosphere. The living area in the wooden house is overlooked by the second floor, and when you go up the stairs, you will find a terrace overlooking the central atrium. It is an open, scenic location surrounded by sliding glass walls that mark the border between inside and outside with blurred glass. The traditional Japanese house is located in a residential area, extending to the foot of the mountain.

Gallery of Traditional Japanese House Design

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