Trendy Mosaic Countertop for Your Bathroom or Kitchen

Trendy mosaic countertops can be a great addition for a kitchen or bathroom. If you are renovating your bathroom or kitchen this will inspire you to bring proposals from Nordic hands of stylist Susanna Vento and other looks that are more rustic, vintage and industrial.

Want to know what the mosaic countertop fashion or  your bathroom or kitchen and how to apply it to yours?

You can use the same tile for both the bathroom to the kitchen, her neutral look makes it fit everywhere.  The original touch is provided by the board that accentuates the format of the tile. You can choose from square, hexagonal, rectangular, flat or beveled with a little volume.

Apply mosaic countertop as you like, on floor and walls, even the kitchen countertops.  You can combine different formats, a hexagon on the floor, on the counter and a square box walls.  Also, you can do the same to coat the bathroom, your floors, walls, bathtub and countertop.

Another great option, is if you combine white tiles with black, will create a look of monochrome contrast, the floor in black and white walls or combined in the same coating with both colors.

All these mosaic countertop ideas are applicable to any type of  home decorations like country houses,  vintage, for Nordic or minimalist styles, or lofts industrial and eclectic, supplements are those that end up giving you a wanted personality.

Gallery of Trendy Mosaic Countertop for Your Bathroom or Kitchen

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