Types of Bathtubs

Types of Bathtubs Wooden Chair

Nowadays, the numbers of the types of bathtubs are increasing as many as the increase of various wishes of people who want to have their own bathroom management projects. People sometimes want to remodel their bathtub in hope to refresh the atmosphere of their bathroom. If you want to remodel your bathroom, sometimes just update the existing bathtub is enough. It is one of the easiest ways to alter the aesthetics and dynamic of the room. So, how do we choose from those many types of bathtubs? Before choosing, I think you should recognize the types of bathtubs first.

Actually there are only two main types of bathtubs, first one is those who have foot, and the second one is those who do not. However, here is the top five of the types of bathtubs. The first one is claw-foot bathtubs. Such bathtubs are the simplest and oldest one being used since decades. As the name suggests, they are baths that sit on four clawed feet. There are several variations of claw-foot baths, such as slipper tubs, double ended tubs, and another variation is the pedestal tub. The second types is freestanding bathtubs. As the name, they are not built on the floor but stand on four legs. The top third is drop in bathtubs. Such bathtubs impart the feel of a swimming pool because they are installed within the floor. The next type is considered to be the peak of progressing technology, sophistication and luxury. Such bathtubs called whirlpool bathtubs. The last type is soaking tubs which allowing you to more fully immerse yourself while bathing. Soaking tubs are longer and deeper than the traditional tubs.

All the types of bathtubs seem good, don’t they? No matter which types it is, ensure that it will match with the other existing fixtures in your bathroom, so they all together will beautify your bathroom as your dream.

Gallery of Types of Bathtubs

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