Types of Metal Stair Treads

Metal Stair Treads Waverton

The treads of a staircase should be considered for the strength since it will be used to accommodate the height of the users. Metal stair treads can be great considerations when it comes to choose the durable and strong materials for treads. These types of treads are usually made from perforated metals for both functionality and decorative. This will help you safely walk up and down while enhancing the look of your interior design.

There are two types of metal stair treads that are commonly used, open riser or closed tread or closed riser or open tread. This type made from perforated metal combined with a riser to create a perfect architectural design of your stair. Since this is an open riser, it allows for airflow and a great appearance. The solid working surface combined with attractive appearance makes it very appropriate for safety and aesthetic. Another type is the closed riser that is similarly made from perforated metals.

If the previous type used to provide dense materials and treads, this prevents any slip when you are walking up and down. The perforated metal on this shingle allows it to make liquids drain instead of making a collection on steps. However, you need to build this staircase to meet with the building codes since it featured with solid riser and kick plate that is very appropriate for school o offices. The benefits if these two metal stairs treads are obvious. They offer a strong and safe tread while preventing any slipping and creating a unique architectural design.

If you decide to install metal stair treads in your house, you need to coat them with a metal non slip surface to prevent you from any slipping. This will keep you safe and comfortable when you are walking up and down the stairs.

Gallery of Types of Metal Stair Treads

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