Upholstered Headboards DIY

Upholstered Headboards Diy Queen Bedroom Design

Having upholstered headboard will give you more comfort when you drop your back while enhancing the look of your bedroom. However, upholstered headboards are quite expensive and upholstered headboards diy is difficult. Actually, this is only people’s assumption that makes this diy project is difficult. If you try it, you will find that is not as difficult as you think. You can even make it easily using household tools.

To start this upholstered headboards diy, you can measure the midpoint of the edges of your plywood and fabric, then mark them using marking pen. When marking the fabric, give the mark about the inches from the edge to make it always visible. After that, lay the plywood on a flat surface in ventilated area and attach the batting using spray adhesive, you can just let the excess batting flat since you will fold it later. Lay your fabric upside down on a flat surface, then place the plywood with the batting upside toward the fabric. Match the midpoints between the plywood and the fabric. Pull the fabric around the back to the top side of the plywood and you will get the excess batting covered in this process. Staple the fabric at the midpoint mark, when stapling, make sure you secure it through the fabric, batting and the back side of the plywood.

The staple should be placed 1 inch from the fabric’s edge. Do the same to all sides of the headboard. Now, you can pull the remaining fabric to the wrong side of the headboard and add staples 1 to 2 inches in distance around the perimeter of the plywood. Just leave I inch excess fabric beyond the staples, so trim away the excess fabric. Attach the mounting hardware to the center and top corners of the headboard and hang it to the wall to make the lower edge falls below the top of the mattress. Now you can plan an upholstered headboards diy using this simple instruction and enjoy your great headboards.

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