Using the Power of Color in Your Home

Color can make a huge impact upon your home. Whether you choose to go with a more neutral color palette or you want to add pops of color, when you paint a room, it gives it a specific feel when you walk into it. Understanding the power of color can allow you to make the right choices for your home and for your own personality. Where should you start?

A Neutral Palette

Tans, grays, whites, and variations of these colors can create a neutral palette that you can use as the foundation for the rest of your decorating. The coolness of these colors give a room more depth and makes even the smallest of rooms feel larger. The great thing is that neutral colors also brighten up a room to make it feel more inviting for your family and friends.

Bluer Than Blue

Blues come in so many different hues and tones these days. Blue is a cool tone and it can offer a room a feeling of tranquility and peace that makes it perfect for a bedroom. Your bedroom should instantly make you feel more relaxed and restful. Blue is a great color for your bedroom to give you that feeling that you are looking for.

Red Stimulates Appetite

Red is a color that stimulates. It is a great choice to add in your dining room, as it can stimulate the appetite, but works well in a number of rooms, including an exercise room, living room, or dining room. The fact that the color red can increase blood pressure, pulse, and activity level makes it a less than smart choice for a child’s room, as it can increase aggression and energy level.

Green Gives Balance

Borrowing from the outdoors with a green tone can really be a beneficial choice for many rooms, including the bathroom, study, and more. This color offers a balance between warm and cool colors and it has healing properties, as well as reinforcing the feelings of harmony and calmness. Paint is one of the most inexpensive ways to change the entire look and feel of your home. Whether you want to repaint your entire home or just a room, by coordinating the desired feel with the color, you can make sure that the choice that you make will work for you and for your home. Understanding the power of color can make all the difference in your home and how you and others feel in your home.

Gallery of Using the Power of Color in Your Home

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