Wall Hanging Book Shelves

Walnut Wall Hanging Book Shelves Style

Adding a bookshelf in a small room is a kind of challenge. Bookshelf is usually has bigger size that takes much space of your floors. So, planning about adding bookshelf in a small space should be highly considered. So, have you exclude bookshelf from the list and decide not to put it? Is it a kind of furniture that can be excluded? Although you don’t really like reading, bookshelf can be a good piece to store your books since you must have a lot of books from the past that needs to be stored. Excluding bookshelf for reading lovers is also impossible. How the people who usually read in all the spare time have to live without a bookshelf? It just like as if you are separated with someone you love. You don’t need to exclude it, then. What you need to do is find the solution.Wall hanging book shelves are what you should choose. Since this kind of bookshelves mounted to the walls, you don’t need to worry about making your small room cluttered since there will be no space decreased.

Wall hanging book shelves are not only functional for keeping your book, but also decorative. There are various models and materials of wall hanging bookshelf and you can choose the one that suits to your home décor. If you have a bright wall color, you can combine it with wooden or printed shelf to be mounted in a wall and let your book in display. Comparing white wall color with sheet metal and steel bookshelves can be a great decorative piece. You can use Alcove wall shelf that designed in Mondrian grid style to be placed above a white cabinet that against a white wall. Look how this design will great in your home.

There are still many more models of wall hanging bookshelves that can be sued for both keeping your books and enhancing the look at a time.

Gallery of Wall Hanging Book Shelves

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