What is an Infinity Pool?

Infinity Pool Pillow Red

Maybe you often hear this infinity pool, but have no idea how it looks like or what makes it different from other pool’s types. All I can inform you about the infinity swimming pool are that this pool’s type has the ability to create the illusion of no edge in its edge (hope you will get this). It is such an optical illusion which eliminates the edge of the pool, so shortly, all you will see is like infinitive water without boundaries. So, if you still a little bit confused about this infinity swimming pool, her below is the information about it. Keep reading for the detailed information.

This infinity swimming pool requires a high place though. It is aimed to create the illusion of no edge. And only places like hills/ cliffs which suit this pool’s type. Resorts and hotels which are located at such kind of location have this kind of swimming pool. To build this pool’s type is rather expensive as well, and unless you are a super-rich person, it is nearly impossible to have one at your house. Like have written above, one of the edges of this pool must have the illusion as if there is no edge and the edge is one with the horizon. At least one of the edges must be negative sloping.

You must also have a very powerful water pump to get the pool operated. This water pump must be strong enough to pump the water to the top (since the pool’s location is at the hills/ cliffs). If you are a person with “enough” money to build this kind of pool, and fortunately, your living area support the building plan of the infinity swimming pool, then you can realize your dream. Even though it is expensive, but it is worthy.

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