Window Blind Parts – The Most Important Segments for Your Blind

Window Blind Parts Zebra Sheer Roller Blind

The beauty and comfort offered by a window blind doesn’t instantly appear. Knowing about the window blind parts can be important in order to make you easier to replace the parts whenever your blind can’t work well. You will also be able to determine the damage happens if you know all the parts used.

The first of window blind parts, starting from the top of the where the blind tracks are located is the head rail. This is where typically the horizontal or vertical blind attached. The individual pieces that overlap to make up the largest segment of the unit called slats or also called louvres or hangers. Usually, they come in natural weaves with different types and colors of fabric and made from wood and faux wood. To make the horizontal unit attached to the end of the slats, you will need slat clips to prevent the slats from slipping off. When your blinds installed, you will need also installation brackets to hold both vertical and horizontal blind in place. It can place or attach it to the head rail, then to the wall, window casing and trim.

To keep the individual slats held together, ladder string is needed and located on which each slat of horizontal blinds rests. To keep the stability of horizontal blind, a bottom weight, wood or plastic usually inserted to a pocket and placed at the bottom of the blind unit is needed. For both horizontal and vertical blinds, valance clips also needed to snap to the front of the head rail. To allow the blinds to slat open, wand tilter tilts the slats forward and backward for horizontal blinds and left and right for vertical blinds. Located o the bottom rail, bottom buttons used to secure the ladders. To attach the slats and the head rail, carriages placed on the top of vertical blinds. The one lock horizontal blinds in a raised position called cord lock and the one help you pull the blind to open and close is acorn.

Window blind parts above are the ones make the blind work well and they are connect each other.

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