Zen Living Room Design Tips

Here are some tips for making a comfortable living room using the concept of Zen living room design. For many of you this is the first time you are hearing about Zen interior design. Zen style itself is a simple decorating style that is often applied in traditional Japanese houses. Zen style is used to create an atmosphere of calm, peace, comfort, and a feeling of being close to the nature. The Meaning of Zen itself when interpreted is “Meditation”, which means to create peace, balance, harmony and relaxation.

So how does one create a Zen living room that can relieve stress and give you peace in between the busyness of everyday life? Try these short tips!

First, use natural colors such as brown, gray, white, beige, soft pink, or soft green. With colors appropriate for nature, it will make the room feel calming and comfortable. Next, use Wood Parquet floors, Bamboo mats, or wool carpet to create a warm and natural atmosphere in the room. Third, use only soft fabrics that are comfortable and simple such as wool, linen, and fabrics with simple shapes and colors. For window curtains, chair pillows or tablecloth this approach works very well. Do not wear flashy colors, and do not wear a fabric pattern that has a lot of lace or pictures. If your decor is too loud it will eliminate the impression of comfort. The next thing you have to choose is furniture.  Keep it simple and use a soft color such as a white minimalist sofa, or consider beige or brown. Bamboo chairs, wooden chairs, simple wooden cabinets without carving, and so on make for nice pieces as well. Do not use too many accessories. Too much display of wall paintings, photographs on the table, or other ornaments are not necessary.  Besides looking less tidy it will also make the room look crowded. The main principle of Zen decorating style is simplicity and calm. If this is the look you want replace any loud art with simple designs that come from nature.  Examples would be green plants or flowers, or ornate small stones and clear water. Finally, to make a Zen living room look more comfortable you can add perfume ,or aroma therapy.

Gallery of Zen Living Room Design Tips

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